Saturday, January 02, 2010

Make Android speak your Twits with "TwitSpeak"

Happy New Year All.

I thought what could be a better way to wish Happy New Year than to release a new Android app ... and make the source open.

So here is a fun little app TwitSpeak.

Just tap the icon and it will read your latest twit to you. How's that? Give it a shot.

And as I said, the complete source code of the app is out in the open, under Android's favorite licese APL 2.0.

(Tip for developers: If you were looking forward to integrating Twitter in your app and found the OAuth tricky to implement, you have ready to use code now. and it is under APL 2.0. Go, grab it).

You can get it from Android Market or get the apk.


ruben said...

Not working for my HTC hero any suggestions

Jayesh said...

Do you get an error? Or just nothing happens?

ruben said...

Error , can't download to this phone

Jayesh said...

Looks like you have installation problems. Recommended way is to install it form Android Market. Just open the market app and search for "TwitSpeak". If you don't have market app, the app is also available at, you can use their market app.

Ron Hayden said...

I get the error:

Failed to get access token

I tried this several times.

Jayesh said...

Hi Ron,

Sometimes it may happen due to twitter being slow/unresponsive. You may want to try at other times.

[In one unique case, someone reported this problem on G1, and the reason was other apps on his phone were killing the app doing twitter auth midway. You can check system logs for that.]