Sunday, December 13, 2009

on Music: Battle Studies

Past couple of weeks I have been listening to John Mayer's (@johncmayer) latest album - Battle Studies. I am huge fan of JM music. His last album Continuum became my favorite when I listened to it non-stop for three days on a cross country road trip. (You can hear those songs in background in these trip videos).

I love the lyrics among all things. They have deeper meanings which you only understand after listening to them over long period of times. Maybe those meanings are not intentional, maybe we form our own meanings depending on the context or situation we hear them in. I believe that's the sign of true art. A true artwork does not convey a single full baked meaning. Instead, it provokes the audiences' mind to derive their own meanings.

I loved the "Who Says" video at first. Then when I got hold of the entire album, I found other gems like "Heartbreak Warfare" and "All we ever do is say goodbye".

I was more thrilled when I found a collection of JM's guitar tabs from all his albums at ultimate-guitar. I never knew such thing existed. Although, I have never played Guitar, but always hoped to learn it one day, this collection of tabs looked like a solid incentive to work on that plan. If you are serious about Guitar, these youtube videos are also a great source for inspiration and guidance.

So if you are looking for music recommendations, try JM.

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