Saturday, January 10, 2009

Inkface v0.1.2, Twitter-inkface client

Finally it is ready. Actually it has been ready for more than couple of weeks now, but I wanted to make sure the bugs in my demo app were not due to problems in core library.

The demo app is a client I wrote for the Twitter service. The intention was to demonstrate how an intuitive GUI can be designed using an Image editor. With the GUI designed using Inkscape and an off-the-shelf python library to talk to Twitter service (Thanks to DeWitt for python-twitter), I only had to write simple glue code to get the whole app working. Check out the video.

Good news is I have setup a debian repo to host packages for this app.

In the Maemo Application Manager, add following Catalog:

Name: Altcanvas
Web Address:
Distribution: testing
Components: main

Refresh the application list. You should see 'twitter-inkface' app in the list. All the dependencies will be automatically pulled from the repo.

Since the repository implementation is currently experimental (No it's not a standard web server! I will save it for a separate post), you may face a problem while installing or I may have to take it offline for modifications. In that case, you can download following four packages and install them with dpkg ("dpkg -i *.deb")

libaltsvg,inkface-python, inklib, twitter-inkface.

For more info on Inkface project, visit the project page.

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