Sunday, March 06, 2005

Not much on L4 front

I am not working much on L4 for last couple of weeks. Have been reading 'Coalscent', now getting bored of it.

After I got my system up with Fedora Core 3 and fighting a lot with gcc versions, I have run into this problem with grub. Now when I install grub 0.90 - the one modified for L4, it gets to the command prompt mode and not the usual grub menu. I don't know how to boot from command prompt. I am sure though, that the solution to this must be very trivial and I haven't worked on it out of sheer laziness for past few days.

I wish I get over these small hurdles soon and get to do some programming on L4.

Meanwhile, got hold of a superb game...... guess which one..... 'njam'..... windows version of PacMAN :)))))))))).

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